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You are about to take a journey that very likely will change your life

As you view the YouTube video of the discovery of Noah’s Ark, think about the implications to us human beings.

  1. God destroyed all of mankind with water because of sin, except for 8 people who were found righteous.

  2. In the second YouTube video you will see proof of the destruction of Sodom & Gomorra supernaturally, because of sin.

  3. In both the Old and New Testament God relates how 2/3 of mankind will be destroyed at the end of the age with fire, because of sin.

The videos below will prove that items 1 and 2 have happened without a doubt and now you are thinking, but item 3 will never happen.

How did the apostles know some 2000 years ago and the Old Testament prophets a 1000 years before, that our nuclear weapons could kill every human being on earth if let loose?

How did Zechariah and Ezekiel know how to describe ICBM’s and cruise missiles that can deliver these nuclear bombs?

How did these two prophets know how to describe the cleansing of the earth and bodies after a nuclear attack?  If you check the US Army’s procedure for cleansing the land after a nuclear war you will find similar descriptions.

The Bible is clear that man will kill the first 1/3 of humanity with these weapons and then a combination of nuclear weapons and God’s wrath will kill the second 1/3 of humanity.

It is of utmost importance that you get this correct and decide if the Bible can be trusted completely.

Yours and your families life will depend on what you do with this knowledge.

Noah’s Ark

Sodom & Gomorra

THE EXODUS EXPLORED—Chariots and Coral