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This is a very interesting discussion. Could it be that the present Temple Mount is not the true location of the 2nd Temple?

If this is true then this would allow the third Temple to be built with no repercussions from the Muslims.

In the last couple of years this topic has really heated up with many You Tube videos supporting both sides of the debate. To try and make this simple for you to understand the topic and form a conclusion, I have set up a unique order of these videos. I believe this first video is the most important for a clear understanding of the pros and cons of this debate.

The remaining videos will enhance your understanding. The URL’s in red are in support of the Temple location being in the City of David. The URL’s in blue are in support of the present Temple Mount location.

If you are the impatient type and want proof positive the Temple location is not on the Temple Mount then jump forward on the next video to 39:35 minutes using the slide bar at the bottom of the screen.

You will have to decide for yourself what to believe. I do believe this will all become very clear in the next couple of years when the construction of the 3rd Temple will begin.

If the true location is in the city of David then it will be very easy for God, in His perfect timing, to change the hearts and minds of the Israeli Jew living in Jerusalem of this fact.