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There are so many things in this world to get excited about. For me, I am most excited about understanding God’s Plan for the redemption of mankind as written in the Bible and being an evangelical witness.

God, Adonai, is so pervasive in the Old Testament with scriptures revealing the Messiah, Yeshua Jesus. I find it hard to understand why every Jew is not a follower of Jesus. Check out this paper I wrote trying to reach Jews which shows clearly who the Messiah is in their Tanach.

On a totally different note:

Would you be interested in a revolutionary electric vehicle that may never need a visit to a charging station and would add 40 miles of range every sunny day? This feature will give you 11,000 miles of expense free driving.

With my pre-order #, 27,001 I am in line and don’t expect to receive my vehicle before the middle of 2025. I am a retired electrical engineer so following along with the design team on YouTube is very exciting for me.

This EV starts at $25,900 for a 250 mile range; $29,800 for 400 mile range; $34,600 for a 600 mile range, , $44,900 for a 1000 mile range.

Click on the link below for your $30 off pre-order for $70.

Check out these YouTube videos for more information.